Asian Flavor Set—Sauces No. 4, 7, 28

Sauce No. 4 — Spicy Nam Pla, Fresh Lime & Coriander Sauce

A recipe of Thai nam-pla blended with serrano peppers, cilantro, garlic and fresh lime create this unique dipping and seasoning sauce. As always, this Corine’s Cuisine sauce uses all-natural ingredients, real cilantro leaves, real lime juice (never from concentrate), garlic chopped from whole cloves, and no MSG. Try Corine’s Cuisine Sauce No. 4 with your next grilled rib-eye and you’ll never go back to your old steak sauce.

Sauce No. 7 — Ginger, Scallion & Fresh Lime

Corine’s Cuisine Sauce No. 7 is loaded with the tangy flavor of real chopped ginger and fresh lime juice, and its canola-oil base makes it amazingly versatile as a marinade, a cooking sauce or a dressing. Many recipes from traditional Chinese cuisine can be started in the wok or sauté pan with Sauce No. 7 — make your favorite Asian dish easier to cook! No. 7 is also great as a dipping sauce, especially with barbecued pork. Try it with ribs and you’ll be hooked! It’s also a shortcut to a quick and delicious dressing for grilled or steamed vegetables and tomato-mozzarella salad.

Sauce No. 28 — Spicy Asian BBQ & Stir-fry Sauce

This unique BBQ and stir-fry sauce brings rich umami flavors and a medium level of spice to your grill or wok.
Sauce No. 28 makes wok cooking simple and delicious. Finish up a quick stir fry of vegetables, tofu or any protein with a couple of spoons of No. 28 and the dish is done!
Corine’s carefully balanced blend of Japanese Unagi, Thai Nam-Pla, real garlic and peppers, lime and cilantro makes this a versatile cooking sauce, suited well to both meats and seafood. Our favorite fish recipe with this one is planked salmon brushed with Sauce No. 28. Nothing could be easier to bring a truly unique and new twist to traditional grilled or broiled fish. Grilled thin-cut pork chops marinated in Sauce No. 28 are summertime BBQ idea we highly recommend! Sauce No. 28 is a 2017 SOFI Award winner in the BBQ category!

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