Seawater Food & Beverage

Seawater Food & Beverage is changing our relationship with the ocean by bringing Seawater back to the table–at home, at the grocery store, & at your favorite restaurants. Our physical (chemical-free) filtration process delivers food-grade seawater with 100% of the natural sodium & mineral content left intact. Via this modern technology, we're bringing back this ancient approach to cooking, eating, & healthy living.

Using Mediterranea Seawater instead of dry salt helps to achieve a number of things (including, but not limited to):

-More effectively enhancing the natural flavors of foods
-Adding 78 naturally occurring trace minerals to foods (at least 14% more than any other dry salt)
-Enhanced cellular hydration, function & nourishment
-Keeping sodium levels in-check
-Eliminating pallet fatigue from too much sodium throughout a multi-course meal
-Extending the life of / keeping raw seafoods “ocean fresh" for multiple days longer than normal (eliminating the need for freezing)

We're tapping into the ocean to bring you products that suit your needs & enhance your lifestyle, whether cooking, baking, seasoning, for health & hydration, & more – Seawater for Life!

Try our Mediterranea Seawater for Cooking, Seawater Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, sofi Award winning ZUMO Juices & Soups, & ISOCEAN Seawater Hydrators.

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