Sweet Joe's Sleep - Raw Honey with CBD and MELATONIN

Sweet Joe’s Sleep CBD Honey Bear is for those that need to calm the mind and the body for Sleep at home. DRIP it on a desert after a long day, MIX it in tea before bed, or SPREAD it on your favorite nightly bedtime snack. Sweet Joe’s Sleep CBD Honey Bear allows you to choose the dose of Sleep you need.


DELICIOUS RAW UNFILTERED HONEY - To preserve honey’s natural enzymes & beneficial phytonutrients to REPLENISH YOUR RESERVES

DREAMY MELATONIN - A powerful natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory hormone to aid FAST, DEEP SLEEP

BROAD SPECTRUM CBD HEMP - Rich in valuable hemp phytocompounds and terpenes to DELIVER CALMING RELIEF

12oz per Sleep CBD Honey Bear, 10mg CBD per Tablespoon

Return/Refund/Exchange/Cancellation Policy: If for some reason you are disappointed with our products or have any concerns upon receipt, please contact us immediately at sweetjoeshoney@gmail.com so we can review and make it right!
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Anuncio creado el 21 abr 2020

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