Vegan Brooklyn Foodie

Vegan Brooklyn Foodie is an 100% vegan online bakery that specializes in #veganfoodporn. Baked goods are all made in small batches, made to order and homemade. I am a self-taught "millennial" baker that doesn't specialize in fru-fru presentation but really focuses on the item looking #foodporn worthy and tasting EVEN better.   Our hope is to reach as many VEGANS and NON VEGANS to show them that transitioning to a VEGAN Lifestyle doesn't mean saying goodbye to those #cheatday foods. We believe in a #treatyoself lifestyle while teaching others to lead a cruelty-free and plant-based diet (with a cookie in each hand of course!).

Because we bake all our treats fresh, our menu changes regularly (& seasonally) so make sure you check back often!

HAND DELIVERED TO NYC AREA (provide your address, delivery time (a range ex: 4pm-7pm) and delivery day) Must give atleast 24 hours notice!
SHIPPED NATIONWIDE (Note if there is a specific delivery date and time there must be at least a 3 day notice!)

We do accept custom orders and work with special dietary needs

You can send us a message or e-mail ( to go over your requests!

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